Underground rainwater harvesting

The installation of an underground tank that is filled automatically when it rains. This will require the installation of suitable guttering and piping to transport rainwater to the tank, as well as a submersible pump to supply water as required.

    • Free & unlimited water supply (whenever it rains)
    • Store rainwater accessed from the roof
    • Rainwater filtered prior to entering the tank
    • Water suitable for irrigation, washing, topping up the pool etc.



6 000 L Underground tank

The 6000 L underground tank with its’ rugged, ribbed design offers superior strength for underground installation and the rib placement provides exceptional structural integrity.

Length: 3 330 mm Diameter: 1 900 mm Height: 1 980 mm

Smaller range of tanks

If the 6000 L underground tank is too large any of our heavy duty conservancy tanks can be used for underground installation as well.

The structure design is sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of the soil (when it is empty). See installation instructions for soil requirements and specifications.






1 250-liter

1 550 mm

1 190 mm

290 mm

1 500-liter

1 550 mm

1 280 mm

290 mm

1 750-liter

1 550 mm

1 390 mm

290 mm

2 000-liter

1 550 mm

1 500 mm

290 mm

2 500-liter 1 550 mm 1 710 mm 290 mm