Made from high-quality, UV-resistant polyethylene, JoJo Tanks are used throughout South Africa for storing water, fertilisers, chemicals and any other liquid!

JoJo Tanks is a household name in South Africa as the leading supplier of plastic storage tanks for over 40 years!

Tried and tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions, JoJo Tanks come standard with an 8-year warranty. Also available in Zimbabwe.

Our product range & accessories

Our product range includes vertical, horizontal, septic, low profile and slimline tanks, as well as a range of agricultural products and domestic products:


Our range of tanks for specific applications includes:

  • Rain & greywater harvesting tanks
  • Fertiliser tanks
  • Chemical tanks
  • Sanitation tanks

Our specialist manufacturing practices and expertise guarantee quality, durability, innovation and customised solutions.

A comprehensive range of accessories, including tank stands, silo stands, taps, tank connectors, water fittings, sieves and lids, tank alerts and submersible pumps form part of our product offering.

JoJo Tank benefits

  • UV- and corrosion-resistant
  • Algae growth prevention
  • Easy transportation, handling and installation
  • LOW maintenance costs and easily repaired
  • Chemical resistant tanks available
  • Customised sizes and colours

JoJo Tanks provides an 8-year warranty on all its products used in normal applications! Click here to read more

Why JoJo Tanks?

JoJo Tanks has the Agrément South Africa fit-for-purpose certification, proprietary technology, unrivalled expertise and technical know-how. This, combined with years of industry experience, makes us the forerunners in providing application-specific and general storage tanks.

The high UV and corrosion resistance of our polyethylene products ensures they withstand our harsh climates, while any algae growth is inhibited by the black food safety accredited lining material used.

News and Articles

JoJo Tanks has introduced a new feeding box product to the equestrian market that will help horse owners reduce feed expenditure and wastage, appropriately named HaySaver. It contributes to improved animal health by maintaining a healthier grazing hay supply that is free of dust, sand, urine and stool matter. In addition, horses and ponies benefit from the promotion of a natural grazing position. Read more

So the good news is that you've joined all the eco-warriors and installed a JoJo tank in your garden.... Read more

Most South Africans obtain their water from dams that are generally remote from where the concentration of users are. This leads to expensive pipelines, pumping costs and high maintenance requirements over great distances at rates not sustainable into the future. Additionally, household water consumption per capita is increasing and the population is growing. New ways must be found to reduce, reuse and store water. Read more